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Hello! My name it Tanzila, many of you probably know me from Instagram. So, as many of you have already understood, I'm not a blogger. To be honest, I can barely use Instagram and snapchat. Which reflects to this not being your average blog, no everyday blogging, just posting when I feel like there is something I want to say. Also, I'm not trying to achieve anything with this, other than you clicking inn and reading whenever you're bored. That is why I turned the comments off.

So why did I make a whole blog just to document my life, when I can do it on Instagram instead? Simply because Instagram is a site where you're supposed to share photos, and let's be real, nobody reads the caption of a photo. So, I get a many questions about different things, that are impossible to cover with two lines in an Instastory. That is why I thought making a blog where I can post on whenever I want, would be a good idea. One of the questions I get the most, is; What does your Instagram name mean? Hahah, It's honestly so easy to understand. Ta= Tanzila XX= nothing Dz= Dzhanalieva. No more magic than that. I am 100% aware that I should have introduced myself better in the beginning, however I had some more important parts to cover. With that being said, my name is *again* Tanzila Dzhanalieva, I am 17 years old, and I live in Norway. I truly want to make a difference in this world, have a meaning, make someones life better. Therefore, I take a lot of interest in organizations like "The red cross", "Amnesty" and many more. For now, I try to spread the word with actions like "sharing the word", however one day I will achieve something bigger. Other than that, my interests are photography and video. Video has been a passion of mine since I was a child, and I hope to take more use of that in the near future. OBS: There is something wrong with this design on phones, I'm working on fixing it.



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