23:32 | 04.12.2016

21 L I E S

1. Not caring is cool 2. Men can not be dancers 3. Some people are worth more than others 4. One alone can not make difference 5. You should care about everyone else's option of you 6. Women can not accomplish anything 7. The British empire was glorious 8. Men can not cry 9. You can not accomplish your dreams 10. All knights of the middle ages were good men 11.You have no potential in this life 12. Your weight defines your beauty  13. All muslims are terrorists 14. Christopher Columbus discovered America 15. Feminism is hatred against men 16. Technology is the downfall of mankind 17. Life is never fair 18. The media always tells the truth 19. There is only one definition of beauty 20. You're not good enough 21. Nobody in this world cares about you.
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