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Fatality (Story)

Chapter one; 1921
I opened my eyes wildly, as the man beside the doctor had so politely asked me to do. Not that this was a fairly hard task for me, as my eyes were naturally wide open. He knew nothing but what I had told him, it was better that way, because secrets are secretes, for they are not to be told. I sat on the table with my feet hanging down, as a normal eleven year old boy would do. He would sit on the table, and wave with his feet, and wait for the doctor to tell how well he did. Perhaps be given a lollypop or some stickers, as a price. For the child that knew nothing but the simple. The child would then run to his parents, they would meet him with love. They would kiss his forehead, and that night sing him to sleep. The boy would feel loved, and never alone. As I was not him, this would be all that I know. Though that boy and me, looked as one and the same, the man had told me it was not so, nor was I like any other of the children that had been given a lollipop or a sticker. The doctor sat right before me in his chair, he leant against the table, for aggressively writing something so urgent that he had not a moment to look up. Not even a breath of a second to look at me. From the moment I came in, he had not said a word, there could not be such a thing, as a doctor that could not speak? Fairly odd. In fact, there was no voice to be heard when I first came in, other than the radio that had spoken of the day, the weather and such things men of their honor cared for.Today is a new day, 02.04.1921 it said, nothing more, nothing less. I could not understand their highly passion of love for this "radio", perhaps it was because I did not care for it, myself. As I was walking into the room, my feet were not shaking of fear, as you would think an eleven year old boys feet would be in a moment such as this. Shaking. Place yourself on the table said the man, as he was the only breathing person speaking in this room. I did not see him when I first came in, he must have been hiding, perhaps behind the door. Not did I know of his profession, other than that he was the man beside the doctor, however I did as I was told. Will do I answered. The doctor turned his head, but did not speak a word. He looked at me rather shocked, as I was speaking with the man. Did he not like the way of our communication? Was there something unexplainable in what I spoke? The man reached for my hand, and so I gave in. He took a fairly close look, as if he was looking for the smallest mold, or finest hair. I took a glint back at the doctor, he was still looking my way, in that moment I wanted ask of what wrong I must have preceded for a doctor to give me such a sensational look. Perhaps he knew my secret? That could not be, a secret does not tell itself unless it has been told. Regardless, I let it be, for an eleven year old boy, is not to ask questions such as these. Especially not, to such an honorable man as a doctor himself. As the doctor spoke nothing but silence, the man of the unknown profession kept asking me questions. What is the reason you have come here today, what do you seek of the help I can give you. I stumbled for a moment, and looked down at my feet. It took me a minute for I had not thought this through. How can a boy seek for help, if he is not to speak of the concealed? I was to tell him my story, but leave out my secrets, for they were too dangerous to learn, for a man such as himself. Dear man, I have a problem. I see things that are not there.
Fatality, chapter one:1921 written by Tanzila Dzhanalieva
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