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Chapter one: The girl
At a young age, we learn that there is no place more beautiful or pure as heaven. A paradise were a man can feel no thirst, nor hunger. No torture, nor pain. No concern, nor worries. All your wishes will be granted, and all your dreams will come true. There will be no rich, nor poor, for all souls that are in heaven will be the same. However, this is a price only granted for those whom are good. For if you see nothing but greed and hatred, that is too what you shall receive. For a time there was nothing but heaven and earth. Then God created the Angels from light, and Iblish from fire.

The Angels were told to collect clay from different parts of the earth, and bring it back to heaven. From this God wanted to create a human. For forty years, he kept the shape, but did not breathe it life. Until he one day did. The human was the most beautiful creation of God, and was given the name Adam. The Angels and Iblish were to show him respect, and so they did. All but one, Iblish. It was the devil, that did not obey. He felt he was better, for it was him that was made of fire, and not light as the Angels, nor clay as Adam. God demanded that heaven was no place for the devil, and for him created Hell. It was because of the human, that the devil was in Hell, so as his last request from God, he asked to take with him everyone who followed. After some time, Adam started to feel alone, so in his sleep, God created Eve of his lowest rib. They were to live in heaven, with all they could desire. All they wanted was theirs, and not a fear to worry for. All but one. God had told them that all their wishes were to be granted, but one thing in heaven was not to be touched. It was the tree of apples. As the devil knew, they were only humans, and a human tend to forget. So the devil persuaded Adam and Eve to eat each their apple, for not a fruit were as good, nor an apple as red. As the devil had expected, Adam and Eve had indeed forgotten what God told was forbidden. Each took one bite, before feeling a pain so painful and their hearts pounding so fast. God was furious, and as punishment, he sent them to earth, and until death, they were never to see heaven again. On earth, no wishes could be granted, and no worries unreal. Because on earth you must pray for your desire, and be kind to those you meet. Your life will not la... I could tell by the way the teacher rolled her eyes, that she was not too impressed with what I had written. However, I knew it was not the way I wrote it that was the problem, but what it was about. Thank you, Mr.Parker, I think that is enough Ms. Brown interrupted. Ms. Brown was my english teacher,  although she at times could be very strict and exact, I would in all honesty state that her teaching would be quite good. Never was I the person to preform before an audience, so writing had always been a passion of mine, because then I could express my thoughts without being judged. Never had I preformed for anyone, let alone a whole class, nonetheless was this my intention. However, being the only child in the class that had indeed done the homework, it had nothing to say what I thought.
I put away my notes, and looked back at the class. Being so hopelessly dense a class of seventeen year olds would be, it was as I expected. Their thoughts had for long been of something else, for once a teenager finds something uninteresting, it is no way you can make it listen. If one was to preform for a class, regardless of if it was a presentation, a movie or as me a story. It simply meant that there was no class, and every student used this to their fullest potential. Those in the back of the room were always sleeping, being so far away from the teacher, there was no way they could be seen. If you sat more in the front, you could simply pull out your computer and pretend to take notes. Meanwhile, that is the opposite of what you are doing. Though, there was one that stood out.
Not had I ever seen her before, nor did she look like any other I knew. I found myself staring at her, for twenty, perhaps thirty-seconds, still standing beside the teachers desk. Very well mr. Parker, you may go back to your seat now said Ms. Brown. Class was dismissed, and I went back to my desk, You will talk to her I said to myself as I was walking. However, since my next class started in only five minutes, I had no other choice but to pack my backpack before approaching the girl. Little did I know, that when I was done, she would no longer be there.Weeks passed, and my thoughts was of nothing but the girl. I did realize that it was quite odd of me, to be so obsessed with a girl I knew nothing about. Let alone, what she looked like. However, there was something about her, that I could not quite put my finger on. She was special in a way. In many ways, I could imagine her being just like me, just a girl version of course. I had not seen her since that day, despite looking for her every day, she was nowhere to be found. Had she only moved her for that one day? Or perhaps it was me going mad.

Another week passed, with no luck of finding the girl of my dreams. At this point I had almost given all up. Lost all hope. It was lunch, and I was sitting in the library, alone, as always. I told myself that I was studying for my upcoming math test. I lied. Because there was nothing else in my mind, but that girl. You must be..? A voice said behind me. I rolled my eyes, thinking it was one of the students from my class, who had come to ask me for my notes, or if I could send them the homework I had done. However, this time, it was not. I turned my head, before seeing her stand there. It was the girl from my english class. The girl I had been looking for, for weeks and days. The girl I would not get off my mind. The girl I thought I would never see again. I caught myself staring at her, not even having answered the question. Who was I she wondered. I shook my head, before quickly answering. Parker, Felix Parker. And you are I looked at her, before fast looking back down at my feet, pretending like I had not imagined her beautiful face in my mind for weeks. Devilena she nodded, pressing her lips together, almost forming a smile. Quite odd name if I was to say so myself, not had I ever heard it before, either. Perhaps she was new in town, or perhaps I was just a fool not to remember, it was after all the interest she showed that formed this quite odd attachment I had to her. Devilena..? I asked, lounging for a family name. Devilena turned her head, looked around before turning it back at me and took a deep breath. Must you know everything, Felix? she glanced at me before forming half a smile, waiting for me to say something back. In this world, there is very little that I must. Desire on the other hand, is not something I can control. You see, I am a very curious person I laughed, joking, not expecting anything, but perhaps a smile back. Nevertheless, she was now laughing too.
Well, mr. Curious, let us just call me El for now. My family-name is a story for another time. ?Speaking of story. Never have I heard such an interesting version of a historical story, as the one you told. Perhaps you could tell me the rest? she cringed her eyes together as she was looking at me. It made me feel as if she actually was interested, not only in the story I had told, but this conversation. A conversation with me. Indeed, I find it magnificently interesting too. In fact, It is what I use most of my time studying I smiled, trying to keep my excitement to myself. The excitement of someone actually being interested in the same thing as I, nevertheless wanting me to tell them more about it. My strongest will, my deepest passion, to my Eros of a human.
The Eros Of The Human, chapter one:The girl written by Tanzila Dzhanalieva
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